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    Welcome to the Topline Construction Website.  The Topline Construction Company is ready to fulfill your remodeling or new construction needs.  We specialize in all aspects of residential construction and all work is done "in house", in other words we do not use sub-contractors.  All work is done directly by us, and as such we fully warranty our top of the line workmanship.  Many of the materials we use carry a life-time warranty from the manufacturer and we will detail these items to you when we provide an estimate.

    Whatever your home improvement or remodeling needs may be, we can assist in making your project fun, exciting and hassle free. Whether you have your own plans, designs, or ideas or need us to provide them we will work closely with you to insure we exceed your expectations.  We have seen sketches on napkins and fleshed them out with our architectural software.  We can work with your budget to give you the utmost value and satisfaction.  Materials vary greatly in quality and price.  This is just one more area where our vast experience is of great benefit to you and your home. Since we have worked with every major product line on hundreds of homes, we are able to provide you with informed and educated suggestions on what materials are right for your project without compromising quality. 

Please feel free to contact us at (978) 726-5584 above or via e-mail at geoff@ToplineConstruction.net.

Check back with us soon as we will be adding many areas of interest:

   -  "Before and After" pictures in our Photo Gallery section are constantly being added and updated. 

   -   We will also provide an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for General Contractors, Builders and Home Owners.

   -   Geoffrey Diaz has also invented the AngLevel a 7-in-1 Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool, patented in the USA and Internationally.  Available for sale at 
         www.anglevel.com.  As seen on TV show "Cool Tools" on the DIY Network Channel.

   -   Topline Construction is affiliated with Topline Innovations LLC, distributors of the AngLevel Tool (for All Trades including Siding, Carpentry,
         Plumbing, and Framing, Tiling, Masonry, Mechanics, DIY, and much, much more...).

Best Regards,

The Topline Construction Team!





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